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The Sea of Sugar

A Tidal Wave of Marshalade

Jo-Jo the Thirsty Girl
5 November
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People like me...because I force them to...with violence!
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imaginary friends are love
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chinese fabio is love
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snicklefritz meowzinski is love
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60's bubblegum pop, afri-can-do attitudes, all things 3 a.m., angelina ballerina, baby pictures, being down with it, beocat, big words, bitch-ass hoes, bob marley's ghost, boys who wear eyeliner, bringing home the facon, brushing off the haters, cat nip, change for the better, changing my name periodically, children's letters to satan, chimpan-a to chimpan-z, chinese fabio, citizen king, contradictory me, crazy british slang, crazy bus, curiosity, doodling, dressy bessy, dropping acid with squall, ecstacy-chip cookies, elaborate fantasy worlds, evil plans, faerie cakes, faerie weddings, faeries, financial panthers, flying, free stuff, french for cats, fresh kicks, fruit, funny fortune cookies, gills, girl power, glitter berries, golden roads, green tea, hardcore vegans, having conversations w/my shoes, hitting the sauce, holding yoga poses, ice, imaginary friends, international waters, jesuszilla: son of godzilla, king of the bunnies, kitten bites, lady miss kier kirby, lil spicy, looking so good, lounge music, love ducks, loving you this much, luna mcmeow, lying, magic closets, magical rasta men, male prostitutes, meow tv, mermaids, mobile estates, monkey d., most extreme elimination challenge, my indie film addiction, my many obsessions, natural living, nuclear secrets, nutty bunnies, older men, other people's garbage, out-of-control teens, parappa the gangsta rapper, peppermint hippo, pink martini, pixie glitter mink, pixie picnic day, pixies, poetry for cats, police tape, pool smell, pretending to be gay, public schoolhouse rock, pyromania, racecar passengers, recreational drug use, revolutionary girl utena, riding the trip fantastic, robot jones, rumaging through trash, saying things are "snazzy", secret eating, secret handshakes, shibuya-kei, shiny things, shooting cans with irvine, shoplifting sprees, shopping cart races, shotgun weddings, silver dragons, singing songs in japanese, single female lawyer, skeleton keys, sleeping with male strippers, smacking my bitches up, smoking weed with zell, snappy sailor suits, snicklefritz meowzinski, soul vegetarian, speed racer, spicy pants, spontaneous hippie dancing, spy school, squirrel alert, stompy jones, suggestively leering at boys, super powers, susheela raman, sweet talkers, sweet teeth, talking to my socks, teddy bear picnics, teen girl squad, that loser trix rabbit, the apples in stereo, the cornflake monster, the foxy chocolate robot, the goddess of fun, the kitchen floor, the war on vampires, theoretical physics, thong monster, tim roth sex scenes, tipping the light fantastic, toys "r" us, treasure cat, veganism, voluptuous women, watching the wash cycle, white go-go boots, whoring it up, wigs, young virgin boys